As a current GAANN fellow at UNC Charlotte, I have been tasked with tracking my experience in academic course planning, mentorship and teaching experience. On this web page you will find an archive and synopsis for each attended workshop, teaching experience milestones, professional development and my teaching experiment plan which will eventually be converted in to my teaching philosophy.

Teaching Experiment Plan

Spring 2020


  • Complete Teaching Seminar course (ITCS 8665)
  • Gain more experience preparing class materials
  • Support teaching mentor in IT Infrastructure (3246) Course
  • Attend at least one Learning Center Seminar/Workshop

Fall 2019


  • Complete personal website and teaching portfolio
  • Finish Master’s thesis
  • Attend at least one Learning Center Seminar/Workshop

Workshops Poll Everywhere Teaching Seminar, November 13, 2019

The poll everywhere workshop that I attended providing some guidance for how to utilize poll everywhere, an online quiz platform to aid active learning. In the workshop we learned about strategies to create and use poll’s for multiple classes, how to embed them into a diverse offerings of presentation formats, and how to retrieve and export poll results into canvas.