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I am glad that you have taken the time to visit my website. Here lies some of my research findings and thoughts that I felt comfortable sharing. I hope that you enjoy reading my posts and I look forward to any feedback.

  • Wireguard in a FreeBSD Jail

    I spent the better part of my Friday night reinstalling my NAS server for homelab purposes. Through this experience, I found I wanted to capture what I learned and where I found answers for archiving purposes. I found many answers online that either didn’t work for me or called for a different type of implementation. I link some notable guides and threads in the reference section below.
  • A Brief Recap of my BSides Charlotte Presentation

    The Not so Ominous Future of Computer System Defense - A Brief Recap
  • Research Introduction

    Introduction This blog excerpt serves as a high level overview of my research and current engagements and does not attempt to introduce my current lab work or dive into my findings. I plan to introduce my lab work and findings in depth in the coming months prior to the deadline for my thesis
  • Welcome to My Blog

    Today marks a new and special beginning for this website. I find myself striving to document my research findings in an efficient manner with the hopes that a refresh to my website will motivate me to post about my findings regularly. I honestly struggle with wanting to post something useful while debating internally on the importance of my current work.